The Maine Directory of Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners

A guide to bodyworkers practicing different healing modalities throughout the state of Maine.

This 2008 directory of complementary health practitioners focusing primarily on integrative forms of bodywork, provides information on 421 practitioners working in 192 different modalities (from Acupressure to Zero Balancing) in 131 towns in Maine. Descriptions of the modalities are included, along with information on energy medicine, other types of integrative mind-body therapies, massage or bodywork schools, and related associations and organizations. The modalities discussed within this directory focus on treating the source of dysfunction within every body system, whether it be lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, glandular, digestive, skeletal, muscular, or energetic. Preventing dysfunction and imbalances from progressing into disease is an important principle of holistic health, and bodywork can serve in this way by taking care of a problem as soon as it arises so that its effects won’t become entrenched in the body.

These holistic therapies are known to affect a person not just on the physical level, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. Each have the ability to reduce stress, alleviate a particular pain or physical problem, expand the level of functioning, create a sense of interconnectedness, and improve self-awareness and a greater sense of well-being, while bringing more harmony and balance to your life.

Therapeutic bodywork can supplement your personal health care without drugs or invasive therapy and can be considered preventive medicine. Many of these modalities can help integrate all of your fragmented parts into a unified whole that allows you to live life to its fullest, with optimum health and consciousness.

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Small print disclaimer - The author of this book does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

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