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The proprietor and author , LeCain W. Smith learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through sailing, bodywork, and the breath. He has since spent untold hours on a massage table, carrying out “experiential research” under the hands of many skillful practitioners. He has also been the grateful recipient of generous instruction in yoga, qi gong, and breathwork practices.

In between, he managed to fit in a six-year circumnavigation of the globe on his sailboat, write two books on nautical themes, produce a video about his travels, and, as a licensed sea captain for more than forty years, teach others maritime skills. “Captain Lee,” as friends around the world know him, returned from his adventures on the world’s oceans committed to diving into his inner ocean, that realm of innate wisdom he knew he could enter by making the body and breath his partners in discovery.

His heartfelt desire to help others experience true healing inspired him to make a lengthy research trip around the United States, interviewing practitioners and developers and uncovering hidden gems of bodywork and breathwork modalities. He gathered all the information he had collected over a lifetime of experiences on land and sea—holistic healing methods, energy medicine, and revitalizing self-care practices—into the present volume of Our Inner Ocean. If this endeavor changes the life of only one person, he will consider it a success.

A Maine native, this sea captain, weather intuitive, yacht surveyor, carpenter, and healing arts promoter has most recently spent his time on Maine’s downeast coast, although the siren song of travel keep him on the move. He is always ready to share his treasure chest of information.


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