Exploring the Oceans Within Us and Around Us

Through the blessings brought to us by our own wondrous experiences, we at Windrose Productions have become inspired to help others openly explore dimensions, both inner and outer, that can bring more harmony, joy, and well-being to their lives. Our wish is to bring more opportunities for people to experience oceans of love and rivers of rapture by revealing holistic ways of awakening the innate loving potential that we all share. Our passion is to help others explore -

The Ocean Within Us . . .

  • Find new ways that help awaken our fullest potential as humans and bring us into alignment with our true life purpose.
  • Discover useful forms of holistic health care that address all aspects of our body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • Learn how energy medicine and breathwork change our lives and bring more balance and harmony.
  • Become aware of modalities of bodywork and self-care practices that relieve stress, remove blockages, and allow for personal transformation.

The Ocean Around Us . . .

  • Find help preparing and planning for sailing on the oceans around us.
  • Learn how to make your vessel seaworthy for long distance cruising.
  • Experience a travel video about tropical island culture in the South Pacific.
  • Have a consultant guide you with sea trials and help increase your understanding of maritime weather.
  • Stimulate the imagination of the next generation of children and help them learn about life at sea and the world around us through reading adventure stories that entertain, educate, and inspire.


Welcome – Let the dolphin heart of Windrose Productions accompany you on your journey.