About Windrose

Owned by a bluewater cruiser who found inspiration for living up to his potential through the healing arts, global voyaging, and the cruising life on different sailboats, Windrose Productions has evolved into an entity committed to helping people of all ages achieve their dreams by exploring the inner realms of the deep sea within each of us as well as the oceans of the world around us. The intent of our activities and publications, whether it’s introducing people to the joy of sailing, helping others cast off the dock lines, kindling the imagination of children, or helping to increase awareness of complementary forms of bodywork and energetic self-care practices, is to promote a more holistic, integrative, and invigorating way of living in balance and harmony with nature around us and with the true inner nature of our body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Windrose became a small publishing company in 1986 in Port Townsend, WA. and is now located on the downeast coast of Maine. Over the years we have published books on a variety of subjects. The first was Steel Away, one of the most often-consulted books on steel boatbuilding and design. After completing a six-year research expedition in which we sailed our ketch Perelandra around the world, we produced a travel documentary video Far Away, which not only covers the cruising life, but is an intimate portrait of people living on remote islands of the South Pacific. A few years later, we published a book on the maritime history of Brooksville, a small town on the coast of Maine where we live. As our passion for exploration shifted into the realm of the inner ocean of our being, the place where the potential for insight and wisdom truly resides, we first published The Maine Directory of Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioners. Further research and experiences of healthy options led to the publication, Our Inner Ocean - A World of Complementary Healing Modalities.

Our latest publications include Sailing South ‘til the Butter Melts, Far Away Islands of Paradise, and Westward Beyond the Horizon. They are all part of the series The Amazing Adventures of the Sea Cat Chowder. Each of these books cover about two years of the events that occurred during a six-year voyage sailing around the world. This fictional account of a true-life adventure is told by the captain’s companion, the sea cat Chowder, who adds her own unique and humorous perspective. All the books provide sea stories with a lot to purr about.

In addition to our publications, we also continue to provide a number of maritime services, including consultations for prospective cruisers, yacht surveys and systems evaluations, cruising yacht modification services, and instructions and consultations regarding world cruising routes and the understanding of marine weather conditions. See more information under Services.

As the present global shift into shared transformative experiences evolves, we will continue to provide worthwhile information about alternative options that promote healthy living through a deeper exploration and awareness of our inner potential, all for the benefit of our body, mind, and spirit.

Our previous motto of “May your heart be in paradise” has only shifted to “May you find oceans of love and rivers of rapture.”