Far Away

A sailor’s encounters with South Pacific Islanders while exploring the vast oceans around us.

Have you ever fantasized about dropping anchor in a tranquil turquoise lagoon, but wondered what you might find when you went ashore? How would you be received by the people living on remote islands in the South Pacific? Does reality coincide at all with dreams? When LeCain Smith and Sheila Moir set sail from the Pacific Northwest in 1991 they hoped that their voyage would answer these questions. After six years at sea, the couple returned with a mountain of video tapes and the determination to wrestle the footage into a work that would allow others to share in their unique experiences.

Whether you dream of traveling to distant islands or have been there yourself, as you sail along with them across the South Pacific to Southeast Asia, you will delight in dancing dolphins, wild waves, sunsets, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, and strange animals of land and sea. But the most wonderful encounters are with the people who live on the tiny specks of land dotted across the wide Pacific. The generous and warm-hearted islanders were quick to invite these travelers into their villages and homes and to share the gentle rhythm of island life that recalls a slower, easier time in history, a time when traditional ways were passed down through the generations, a time that continues to the present in a few special places.


ISBN 0-9615508-1-3
Released 1999, DVD, 120 minutes
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"Saw video tonight for third time...Funny how I was interested in the sailing when I first viewed it, but now the visits with the people on the islands seem to bring me back to see it again and again."

"We all loved it and its message of love of life and discovery - the people seemed so free of stress."


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